Afghan Saffron products have been ranked first in terms of ‘quality’

Afghan Saffron products have been ranked first in terms of ‘quality’ by an international instituted based in Brussels, Afghanistan’s Saffron Union reported.

“We have fortunately done a lot of good work for the Saffron cultivation growth and quality improvement”, Bashir Ahmad the head of Afghanistan’s Saffron Union said.

Founded in 2003, the International Taste and Quality Institute has been testing and recognizing different food products globally.

According to the data from the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation, Afghanistan produces 6.3% of the world’s Saffron.

The ‘quality’ of our 2019 products tested through our local labs, shoed to be ‘above’ the international standards according which we have produced the best Saffron of the world, Akbar Rustami, a spokesperson for the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation has said.

Afghan Saffron costs around $1,500 per kg in the international market and is exported to Europe, United States, and Gulf countries, carrying the ISO Certification mark.

This comes as in the recent years, the ‘Saffron cultivation’ has been an attractive ‘substitute’ for the ‘opium’ cultivation and processing in the country.

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