Ph.d. forsvar ved Helle Gerbild. Males attendance heart secondary reduction and rehab system did actually prospectively accept medical researchers’ target of sex

Ph.d. forsvar ved Helle Gerbild. Males attendance heart secondary reduction and rehab system did actually prospectively accept medical researchers’ target of sex

Klinisk Institut, Aalborg Universitet har den gl?de at invitere til Ph.d.-forsvar ved Helle Gerbild, som forsvarer Ph.d.-afhandlingen: Development of the tricky Intervention: – exercise to minimize Vascular Male Impotence


13.04.2021 kl. 13.00 – 16.00


Forsvaret finder sted

Tirsdag den 13. april 2021 kl. 13.

Pa grund af covid-19 finder forsvaret sted on-line via Zoom. Tilmelding skal ske til


Connect Mentor, Birgitte Schantz Laursen, RN, MSc, PhD Division of Medical Therapy, Aalborg Institution

Mentor, Kristina Areskoug-Josefsson, RPT, MSc, PhD Staff of Fitness Learning, VID Unique College, Norway

Training Helper Prof, Camilla Marie Larsen, PT, MHS, PhD Division of Sporting Events Practice and Hospital Biomechanics, SDU


Relate prof, Jane Andreasen, PT, MLP, PhD (chairman) Department of Health technology and tech, Aalborg college

Prof, Karen Los Angeles Cour, OT, MSc., PhD Individual Perspectives and Community-based Interventions, SDU

Mentor, Kari Bo, PT Team of Play Treatment, Norwegian Faculty of Sport Sciences, Norway

Om ph.d.-afhandlingen

The general aim of your panels would be development of the intricate intervention: physical working out to lower Vascular ed (PAVED).

Encouraged regular exercise to decrease vascular ED shall put supervised classes consisting of 40 minutes of aerobic fitness exercise of modest to intense 4 hours each week.

Men attendance cardiac secondary protection and rehabilitation programme seemed to prospectively acknowledge medical experts’ target of sex, erectile dysfunction (ED) and details about PAVED, in the event that medical experts tends to be knowledgeable and professional in the field of sexual health and therefore are performing professionally. They’re aware about ‘why’, ‘what’, ‘how’ and ‘which’ the medical specialists must definitely provide PAVED, and is a vital wisdom when designing the guidelines of info about PAVED.

Furthermore, a lot of Danish medical expert kids said favorable thinking and been in need of basic understanding, proficiency, interactions classes and studies in the field of dealing with reproductive health.

All-around, within the incorporated learning, the finding within PhD draw bring helped in creating a data and need-driven platform for intervention scientific studies concerning complex input INTRODUCED, in conjunction with improved knowledge of the importance of coaching future health vendors in reproductive health.


Office of Hospital Treatments, Aalborg School

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